Why SumUp?


With the amount of data on the planet doubling every 20 months, it is increasingly challenging to consume all of the information necessary to make an informed decision while the data remains relevant.

What we do

We offer the only suite of machine-learning algorithms on the market with the speed and flexibility to handle this rapid influx of data, adapting to your workflow to meet your static and dynamic data requirements.


Anyone who makes data-driven decisions requires tools as dynamic as the data itself. From individual investors and researchers to larger corporations and governments, digesting data, either new or historical, is critical for success.

We are focused on advancing proprietary research in the following areas

Compressed Sensing
Complex Networks and System Visualization
Semi-Supervised Natural Language Processing
Real-Time Unsupervised Learning
Very-Large-Scale Robust and Convex Optimization
FPGA-based Unstructured Data Analytics