Why SumUp?



Organizations accumulate enormous amounts of text data in fragmented silos. Teams must use top-down and bottom-up analysis of this data to drive decisions but are constrained by tools that either can’t keep up with data volume or fail to make connections across isolated content. These legacy systems allow problems to grow faster than solutions and hinder an organization’s resilience and reactivity.
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What we do

We offer the only Intelligent Text Data Platform on the market with the speed and flexibility to handle a rapid influx of data across multiple channels, adapting to your workflow and integrating with your legacy systems. SumUp’s flexible and user-friendly platform denoises and reorganizes data so you can answer your organization’s most pressing questions without costly integration, deployment, or maintenance.


Lost opportunities and unsolved problems cost firms north of $100k per hour and frustrate the end-user. Companies simply can’t afford to run a compartmentalized data-to-insight strategy and require a move toward operational and business efficiency that will mitigate short-term losses and pay dividends for years to come.


SumUp offers users an ever-increasing number of customer and service data connectors. SumUp synchronizes, unifies and normalizes the content from across these connectors into a text-based Customer Data Platform and Service Data Platform. SumUp’s CDP and SDP accelerate an organization’s ROI, improve user experience, and reduce deployment and maintenance overhead. Connect your data for seamless problem management using SumUp's real-time AI.

We are focused on advancing proprietary research in the following areas

Compressed Sensing
Complex Networks and System Visualization
Semi-Supervised Natural Language Processing
Real-Time Unsupervised Learning
Very-Large-Scale Robust and Convex Optimization
FPGA-based Unstructured Data Analytics