Despite fierce competition, organizations continue to rely on anecdotes and hunches to support mechanical observations of the customer journey in order to close deals and build campaigns. Customer text data contains the information needed to answer sales & marketing questions with facts over opinions: What did your top performers say to close sales? How does your messaging contrast with your competitor’s? What scares a client away? What makes them engage? Most customer data platforms (CDPs) struggle to handle the unstructured data that makes up the majority of customer information. Teams work in the dark as customer data lies dormant.


Expand opportunity and audience analysis to the entire spectrum of communications and interactions to better understand why customers and prospects perform specific actions thanks to SumUp Intelligent Text CDP. Reorganize customer voices from across CRM, reviews, surveys, social media and forums into flexible and clear topics. Denoise conversations and dive deeper to discern specific behaviors and preferences. Inform customer profiles to pinpoint upsell opportunities. Identify and extract language that resonates with audiences for long-term marketing and real-time sales. Reach total visibility and understand your customers with newfound clarity.