Most organizations take a discretionary approach to problem management but problem solving requires a systematic analysis of the information exchanged and created around incidents, events, and resolutions. Unfortunately, the noisy and unstructured nature of customer and service data forces ad hoc, manual intervention without the right tools. Virtual agents lack structured and dynamic knowledge management, teams struggle to identify expert colleagues in areas of need, monitoring lacks nimbleness, all of which hinder the support ecosystem. Without real-time systematic problem management, problems will continue to grow faster than solutions and organizations will fail to offer a seamless customer experience.


Reorganize unstructured text into key topics for self-service monitoring, detection, root cause analysis, and knowledge management. Leverage SumUp’s real-time and unsupervised analysis of chat logs, support tickets, reviews, and customer interactions to answer pressing questions, close cases, and improve products. This approach complements existing ITSM and CSM tools by enabling systematic, flexible, and transparent problem management workflows. This focused, customized analysis of reorganized data improves problem identification and resolution, provides threat detection through predictive analytics, and drives productivity through search and RPAs. Improve operational efficiency and control the lifecycle of current and future problems from a single location.