Nucleus Web App

Unlock Enterprise Insights from Text

Surface novel information in live content, external and internal, controlled by users

Streamline data pipelines for high demand web sources and local folders

Denoise and reorganize enterprise-wide corpora, fast and with full traceability

Build robust workflows to better understand and monetize your text data

Use Cases

Improve customer service with easy and flexible trackers & rapid forensics of calls/chats

Enrich competition intelligence with tailored synthetic trackers & focused deep-dives

Scale-up investment teams with market intelligence monitors & flexible forensics tools

Boost knowledge management with streaming intelligence dashboards & flexible content ingestion

Key Features

Continuous Intelligence Dashboard

Continuous Intelligence Dashboard

Surface novel important information from feeds and internal content as content streams in, to proactively maximize the impact of your workflow
Corpus Overview mapCorpus Overview map

Corpus Overview map

Reveal patterns and hidden connections across relevant subjects within your text data
Topic summary, sentiment, consensus and strengthTopic summary, sentiment, consensus and strength

Topic summary, sentiment, consensus and strength

Extract key topics, summarize them, analyze the polarity and intensity of contributing opinions, and assess how important a topic is within a corpus
Topic filtering and sub-topics

Topic filtering and sub-topics

Restrict the analysis to chosen subjects and drill down into relevant topics
Metadata filters

Metadata filters

Further focus your analysis with metadata filters such as author, title, category, and/or time frame
Collection of preloaded data sources

Collection of preloaded data sources

Simplify your data pipeline for high-demand sources and speed-up your testing and prototyping
Sentiment Map of key global economiesSentiment Map of key global economies

Sentiment Map of key global economies

Real-time opinion scores of the major Central Banks, US industry sectors and news media based on their respective publications in their native language over the recent period. Get a bird's eye view of the economic situation