Enterprises are faced with a tsunami of data that makes knowledge management (KM) an unwieldy process. It is no longer sufficient to rely on data aggregation and search functions to build coherent information strategies as dormant information and mechanical processes do little to inform hyperautomation tools such as virtual agents and self-services. Increasing regulatory requirements and competitive environments are further demanding that classic corporate surveillance give way to hyperautomation. Despite these pressures, most organizations rely on siloed, hard-to-reach, and hard-to-mine legacy systems. Data platforms fall short of capturing and normalizing content for knowledge management to be deployed in a robust and scalable manner.


SumUp Intelligent Text Data Platform addresses the full range of knowledge management text challenges with speed and scalability: unify and normalize content across silos, extract key information from dormant data, identify novel information from rapidly evolving knowledge databases, standardize and systematize knowledge reorganization to facilitate automatable workflows. Built-in Identity and Access Management streamlines data governance. Taking the next step toward hyperautomation doesn’t get much easier.