The ability to collect and understand data often decides the fate of an enterprise. Regulatory requirements have grown alongside this data influx. Because of these reasons, active corporate surveillance has abruptly transformed from a luxury into an obligation. Enterprise knowledge has become unwieldy, growing at an uncontrollable pace and enterprises lack adequate ways to handle their emerging data. Data is stored in an untimely and disorganized fashion, retained but not managed, stacked and forgotten. Valuable data is hardly ever mined, refined and monetized.


Nucleus provides results at the speed of an electron and at the scale of the information age. Mostly format and language agnostic and easily implementable, Nucleus empowers you to manage and extract key information from large, often dormant, text-based enterprise knowledge databases. Nucleus also offers the unique ability to implement corporate and general-knowledge surveillance to enable rapid identification of new and relevant information out of continuously fast-paced streaming information.