Enterprise Knowledge Management

The value of enterprise knowledge has grown exponentially since the dawn of the information age 50 years ago. An enterprise’s data now makes up a large percentage of its overall value. The ability to collect and understand data often decides the fate of an enterprise. Regulatory requirements have grown alongside this influx of data. Because of these reasons, active corporate surveillance has abruptly transformed from a luxury into an obligation. However, it is clear to data scientists and stakeholders that enterprises lack sufficient ways to handle their data. Enterprise knowledge has become unwieldy, growing at an uncontrollable pace. Data is stored in an untimely and disorganized fashion, retained but not managed, stacked and forgotten. Valuable data is hardly ever mined, refined and monetized. Nucleus offers a heuristic, organized platform to achieve efficient management of existing knowledge and timely capturing of new relevant knowledge. Nucleus provides results at the speed of an electron and at the scale of the information age. Mostly format and language agnostic, easily implementable at the scale of the information age, Nucleus empowers you to manage and extract key information from large, often dormant, text-based enterprise knowledge databases. Nucleus also offers the unique ability to implement corporate and general-knowledge surveillance to enable rapid identification of new and relevant information out of continuously fast-paced streaming information.

Active data strategy: it's hard

The free form of enterprise data puts pressure on data strategy beyond retention and might create the false confidence that companies are actually utilizing their retained data.

It is no longer sufficient to solely index content as it is oblivious to the value of the information. Elevated data growth hinders the usefulness of indexing.

A large portion of enterprise knowledge resides within each employee's local repositories, making dynamic orchestration difficult.

A novel approach

WebApp and APIs that can work together to seamlessly orchestrate content for powerful downstream workflows across roles within your organization.

Interpretable and rapid analysis empowers you to derive your own answers, extending search to remain relevant to your needs.

Multi-faceted approach, enabling continuous intelligence, comparative analysis as well as top-down/bottom-up validation.

Highly flexible deployment and complete data & analysis isolation to satisfy regulatory requirements, operating preferences, and proprietary datasets.

Sample knowledge management capabilities of Nucleus

Synchronize, denoise and reorganize content into dynamic topics, supported by summaries and key metrics

Identify key contributors across a spectrum of opinions, on subjects of interest

Extract novel information from streaming content to increase the relevance and efficacy of learning

Operate seamlessly across document formats and languages

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SumUp’s tool is able to discover 'smoking gun' emails that other tools missed in an on-going case. We were very impressed by SumUp’s 'blind study' presentation


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