Investment Analysis

Added value has always been information-driven. The ability to better ingest and analyze large quantities of information is key to capturing value-creating opportunities. This is the basis of today’s quantitative trading platforms, but has long been the cornerstone of all key value creation in buying and selling: capital market origination, M&A, market making, corporate activism, fundamental investment, long-short, socially-aware investment, and near-endless activities are only able to create value when participants know everything the market knows and beyond. Warren Buffett is famously known for reading 600 to 1000 pages per day at the start of his career. Since then, the volume and sources of information relevant to financial decisions have grown exponentially. Quantitative hedge funds, dealing essentially with numerical data, are now ‘people poor’ and computer-power rich. Analytical solutions for textual data, less structured than heavily algorithmically managed numerical data, have lagged behind. SumUp offers a heuristic platform allowing finance professionals to enhance their ability to extract value from their text data, irrespective of their ultimate value creation angle: fundamental investment, ESG analysis, capital market origination, M&A, corporate activism. SumUp's Nucleus platform enables a novel approach to support added-value in the massive information maelstrom of growing markets.

Under pressure to perform at scale

A SumUp survey of investment professionals at 40 financial institutions reveals that they spend at least 3.5 hours reading every day, with an overwhelming majority acknowledging the poor return on the invested time due to redundancy and noise.

Quantitative investors have put increased resources into text-based research and report commonly waiting 1 to 3 weeks for a backtest due to the limitations of text analytics and the NLP tools typically used.

It is no longer sufficient to only consider content in the primary language of the market that is traded.

A novel approach

WebApp and APIs that can work together to suit any investment style and seamlessly integrate into existing workflows.

Interpretable and rapid analysis empowers you derive your own answers, rather than being limited by precomputed indicators and plain search.

Refine and investigate as needed thanks to a multi-faceted transparent forensics, supportive of investor's fiduciary duty.

Highly flexible deployment and complete data & analysis isolation to satisfy regulatory requirements, operating preferences, and proprietary datasets.

Sample investment analysis capabilities of Nucleus

Extract novel information from content streaming from providers controlled by the user

Identify key influencers across a spectrum of opinions, on subjects of interest

Analyze and track sentiment and consensus, across sources and languages, and over time

Accelerate text-based signal research to hours, not weeks

Leveraged By Global Financial Institutions

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Currently there are many large and growing datasets available to investment professionals. SumUp Analytics' Nucleus allows you to capture the most relevant information to your particular investment process. It resembles fundamental analysis, yet significantly better and at large scale.

Paolo M.

Portfolio Manager @ BlackRock
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Today's portfolio manager is swimming in research reports, market data, and alternative data. SumUp's technology helps investors eliminate the noise and synthesize alpha insights..

Chris W.

CIO @ Omega Points