Capital market origination, M&A, market making, corporate activism, fundamental investment, long-short, socially-aware investment can only create value when participants know everything the market knows and beyond. Warren Buffett is famously known for reading 600 to 1000 pages per day at the start of his career. The volume and sources of information relevant to financial decisions have grown exponentially. Quantitative hedge funds are now ‘people poor’ and computer-power rich. Analytical solutions for textual data have lagged behind.


SumUp offers a heuristic platform allowing finance professionals the enhanced ability to extract value from their text data, irrespective of their ultimate value creation angle: fundamental investment, ESG analysis, capital market origination, M&A, corporate activism. SumUp's platform Nucleus enables a novel approach to support added value in the massive information maelstrom of growing markets. Reign in otherwise unchecked data and fuel your decisions.