Terrorists, hate groups, human traffickers, extremists, bullies, and hostile foreign countries have all demonstrated the ability to promote harm and confusion on social media and gaming platforms. Current, expensive countermeasures have limited effectiveness due to a substantial reliance on historical data to deal with a dynamic issue that has platform-level specificities. Content monitors are under high stress due to the nature of the content they witness and changing policy. Content monitors require new tools to meet the needs for constant revisions.


SumUp's Nucleus platform enables a novel approach to tailor and augment detection, improving monitoring scalability and adaptability so you can keep up with malicious actors and keep your platform safe. Nucleus empowers you to label content categories as needed to meet the needs of your platform policies. Adjust your monitoring and moderation ‘on the fly’ to keep up with criminals and trolls, creating less stress for your content monitors and a better user experience.